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Emmersion Learning
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Emmersion Learning
We are on a mission to close the global communication gap by helping people all over the world learn English. We believe that language learning is most effective when it is personalized and customized to the learner on an individual level. We are passionate about providing organizations and individuals access to the tools and services they need to personalize language learning.

Smarter Assessment
In the medical field, a prescription can't be given without a thorough diagnostic. It's not any different with learning. In order to "prescribe the right remedy" for someone to improve their learning, there needs to be a solid "diagnosis" or assessment. Our patent-pending approach to assessing speaking provides rich information at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Live Tutoring
Research shows that students who learn through tutoring perform significantly better than those who learn via conventional methods (See Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem). We provide immersive one-on-one and group tutoring that is significantly more affordable because we leverage state of the art technology to connect our certified tutors to learners all over the world.


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